UBA Sierra Leone Celebrates 1 Trillion Leones Deposit From Customers

As the Retail Banking Team recorded a groundbreaking deposit mobilization for the first time in the subsidiary.UBASL celebrates 1 Trillion Leones Deposit Mark byย  the Retail Banking Team

On Monday evening 16th May 2022, the MD/CEO was joined by EMC members to celebrate a resounding business achievement done by the Retail Banking Team that is being led by Madam Victoria Olukotun Head, Retail Banking.

An after work dinner was held at the Swiss Hotel on Spur Road where the 1 Trillion Cake was presented by the MD to the team to show his appreciation for job well done by the Retail Banking Team.

The big news, the Retail Banking team has net A Trillion Leones Deposit an achievement registered for the first time in the subsidiary.

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To show gratitude for this hardwork, the MD/CEO celebrated the head of Retail Banking for her astute leadership and also commended the all the Branch Managers and other business heads for staying focus on their job.

The moment was so appealing as various testimonies were shared by EMC members, BMs on some of the backend work done leading to this massive success.

An event to be remembered as all left the hotel with happiness and smiles with a renewed focus to achieve more


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