Actors Guild sierra Leone Concludes Successful Annual National Congress Meeting

The Actors Guild Sierra Leone has concluded a successful 2nd Annual National Congress meeting, held at the Ministry of Information and Communication in Freetown

The congress brought together members or representatives from various regions of Sierra Leone to participate and deliberate on key issues around the Guild and the Sierra Leone film industry in general.

Since his election as President of the Actors Guild Sierra Leone, Abdul Saidu Kamara, popularly known as Glamour Raider has been an exceptional job in restructuring the office. Amidst the enormous challenges faced, Glamour and his team are still poised to see the success of their institution, to liberate the film industry.

First, as the need to review the Guild’s constitution arose, a special committee to review the constitution was set up, with a mandate.

Secondly, December 17 was declared as the special date set out for the Annual National Congress on rotation, and the next (2023) Congress will take place in Bo City.

Thirdly, April 26 has been set out as the official date for the annual Inter-Cultural Festival and Award. This event will comprise different activities, including exhibition (trade fair), entertainment, movie premiere, and wraps up with the award ceremony, to celebrate major contributors to the film industry.

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Finally, September 12 was also set aside for the Yearly Actors Night (YAN), an event that will bring all players of the sector together to celebrate.



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