Atical Foyoh Blasts Morris D Wonderboy, Accuses Him of Being Gay

Atical Foyoh has in a post on social media responded to Morris d wonder boy after his recent shades.

After Morris called out Atical foyoh in some post on social media calling him names, Atical foyoh wasted no time by using his Facebook account to hit back at Morris

Responding to Morris’s shades, Foyoh stated that Morris is retrogressing in all face of human excellence, urging morris to fix his life up, foyoh went further to state that Queen Nak’s frustration is overpowering Morris

Foyoh goes hard to call morris a disgrace to his family, also accusing him of being gay.

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Fans are left stunned by this recent development as Foyoh recently called for an end to the long-standing Social Media battle between him and Morris D Wonderboy,

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