BREAKING: Boss La Re-Arrested And Taken to Pademba Road Prison

Popular rapper, Boss LA has been re-arrested and taken to Pademba Road Prison after filling fresh charges against him.

After being granted bail on 27th July 2021, Sierra Leone Police have filed fresh charges against the rapper for assaulting a police officer.

On his status, the rapper informed his fans that he is going back to Pademba Road Prison. He promised to see them soon.

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Boss LA was arrested on the 16th July, 2021 at Swiss Spirit Hotel after involving in a fight with Osman Jalloh, a popular businessman. The rapper was alleged for robbery and assault. He appeared court on 27th July, 2021 and granted bail. After filing fresh charges against him, Boss LA has been taken at Pademba Road Prison.


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  • Maxwell A Connell-Joe | 2021-08-12 08:24:42
    This so called SLPP government like to take things personal. If this situation happens to be checked well, we will notice that Kao De Nero has played a part towards the filing of that case against The BOSS. All I want Prezo BIO to look at is that, some people in his government are using their positions to do things in order to hurt their enemies or people they don't like. They are using our government to do things that are not along the way and this has a very bad effect on the reputation of the administration of Prezo BIO. Remember we have opposition parties who are taking notes of our activities in the country and any odd exercises or decisions taken by people working in the government may be used against us in the upcoming election. So we are kindly asking Prezo BIO to take a pragmatic steps towards these ongoing problems. Let's get it at the back of our minds that BOSS LA is an entertainer who has huge amount of fans following him day and night, and we need them to add to our population in order to make a successful win come the next election.
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