“I Want to Reduce My Breast” – Former Big Sister Salone Housemate Cries For Help (Photos)

The former Big Sister Salone Housemate, Esther Thomas has cried out to the public for help so that he can reduce her large breast.

The Ex-housemate tweeted in Krio that, she wants to reduce her breast and asked if anyone can help her.

“Are wan reduce me breast any help???” She tweeted.


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Esther Thomas was the first unveiled roommate for the popular reality TV show, Big Sister Bestyz Season three that goes with the slogan “Team Cookery”.  She is a social media influencer who loves creating contents.


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  • Noah koroma | 2022-01-15 15:55:15
    Tell am say ar lek am how e dae if e dae married me ar want am
  • Alhaji M sillah | 2022-01-15 12:12:30
    If she were my girl friend i would have been anoid with her cuz those ar the exact type of breast that i like in woman
  • +23288225090 | 2022-01-15 07:58:01
    good morning thanks so much for your updates i personally appreciate you for your information keep it up. what is the outcome of the all people's Congress case from corut? thank you stay bless may the Almighty Allah bless Sierra Leone.
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