Hackers Hit Zainab Sheriff’s Facebook Page 

News reaching Sierraloaded has confirmed that Facebook page of prominent Sierra Leonean celebrity, a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Zainab Sheriff has been taken over by unknown hackers. 

Internet is a global network of networks. This same Internet has had immense importance in the daily lives of individuals, businesses and the Government. Among its dangers is social engineering, a form of hacking that attempts to steal someone’s credentials using social media and playing smart.

Social engineering among other forms of hacking has been the order of the day. Renowned Sierra Leonean celebrities have suffered and loosed their accounts, pages in the hands of these unknown guys.

Hackers use different forms of attack to crack down celebrities accounts. When your account or page is a hard nut to crack, social engineering comes in the picture in different forms.  Many have devices a form of paying you for ads promotions on your page. When they grab the page’s secret passcodes, it is like giving them the keys to your lock.

Zainab Sheriff has been hit with a DOS form of attack. A DOS or Denial of Service attack is form of hacking where the true owner of a social media platform is denied access from his own page despite submitting his/her correct passcodes.These are the forms of hacking Sierra Leonean celebrities have suffered at. Few months ago, for instance, All Stars President Colabo was hit with social engineering attack on his YouTube account and was denied access to the channel.

Given these peculiar circumstances, Zainab Sheriff  wish to fans  and to warn the world that she no longer has control over her official page, which goes by the name Zainab Sheriff; instead, unidentified hackers are in charge of it.

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It is also allegedly that her IT team has tried to regain access to the page but yet to succeed. It is unclear when the page will be active online again but is assured that fans of the celebrity will be updated on the page’s progress.

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