Housemates Salone: Julie Tombo Accused of Having S^x With Mammie Thomas in The Swimming Pool

United State based – Sierra Leonean, Julian D Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo on the day one of the housemates Salone Reality TV show was accused of having it with prominent comedian Osman Bendu popularly known as Mammie Thomas in the swimming pool while swimming. 

On the launch of the housmates Salone season 3, the yagba show, both Juliana D Conteh and Osman Bendu were fortunate to make it into the house. On their first house coupling, Julie Tombo was destined to meet with Mammie Thomas, the comedian that made his script around Julie, Hawa and Musa Tombo drama saga.

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Juliana D Conteh, De Yagba Diva (Julie Tombo)

Osman Bendu (Mammie Thomas)

On their first day in the swimming pool, Mammie Thomas and Julie Tombo were spotted in a way that supporters and fans of both contestants perplexed as to the true meaning of what happened in the pool. The couple were so tight with each other that I became difficult for air to even flow between them. The question fans are asking is that “Is there a love in the air within just a day they entered between Julie Tombo and Mammie Thomas or they are just couples in the house for the sake of the show.

Later during the day, when Julie was asked if they really had sex in the swimming pool, she rejected the claims and rumors that they didn’t. She added that, if really she had had s^x should have proudly say it that she had one.


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