Kao Denero Brags With Diplomatic Passport on Social Media

Sierra Leone legendary rapper and Ambassador of Entertainment Amara Denis Turay stage name Kao Denero on a Facebook snippet video was spotted bragging about his Diplomatic Passport.

The King of Africa Hip Hop, is undoubtedly the only African rapper to hold a diplomatic passport in the whole of Africa as a continent. There have been so many table talks within other African countries and campaigns on the impacts of Artiste to the country and the need to have a diplomatic passport.

Within the past years and to date, Artist are having difficulties flying to other countries. This is because they struggle to have approval from the authorities, even though their mission is to sell the country’s image to the outside world.

An instance of this is the former African King Sarkodie, he proposed to the Ghanian government to give diplomatic passport to artiste. According to the renowned rapper, artists are ambassadors who shine more light on their various countries.

“I don’t have to hustle trying to go spread the good news about my own country. As artists, we are also ambassadors who shine more light in our countries, and need to own diplomatic passport so it will be easier for artists when traveling” Sarkodie mentioned at an interview in Paris.

With all these African artists facing this dilemma in the country, Ambassador of Entertainment Kao Denero stands exceptional as he owns a diplomatic passport that permits his movement anywhere around the globe with little or no obstacles at all.

The celebrity knowing the fact that he stands tall among others with this favour in his hands, he was spotted on a snippet video bragging as he flips the passport here and there. This is another achievement for Kao in the continent for as he stands the only one that holds a diplomatic passport.

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