LAC Accuses Boss La of Telling Vida’s Family to Reject His Money (Video)

Baimba Moiforay commonly known as LAC has accused Sierra Leonean rapper Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La of telling Vida’s family to reject the money and food items he donated for the medical treatment of Vida.

In his video which he released on social media, LAC accused Boss La of having bad heart, jealousy and fake life. He said the rapper’s bad heart is more than Corona Virus, his jealousy is more than Ebola and his fake life is more than Cancer.

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“I told all of you the last time that when God made laws in Heaven, Satan took bad heart there and God expelled him. He went to Sierra Leone and shared it to everyone. But LAJ’s bad heart is more than anyone. His own bad heart is more than Corona, the jealous that he has is more than Ebola and the fake life that he has is more than Cancer.”

With all that, LAC prayed for Boss La by asking God to have mercy on him and asked Sierra Leoneans to pray for him. “Let God have mercy for him. You just need to pray for him. If LA did it to me, who else again.

Boss LA

He accused the rapper of telling Vida’s family to reject his money. He added that, Boss La only donated Le 500,000 or Le 1,000,000 for Vida’s medical treatment. “LAJ called in Vida’s mother house and told them not to accept my money. And the money that he donated for Vida is Le 500,000 or Le 1,000,000.”

LAC concluded by revealing the amount of money that was made from Vida’s Oneness Fundraising Concert which was held on Pray Day 2nd May, 2022 at Paradise Garden. He stated that, the amount of money that was made from the concert was Le 3,000,000. “He said he wants to make show and want Africell to come onboard to give him money. The money that he made from the show is 3 million Leones and made bad heart to everyone.” He revealed.


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