“Nohmi George is The Reason to My Emotional Stress” Nata Cries

Despite all the dramas that have gone between Julie Tombo, Nata and Nohmi George, there is still love in the air as Nata disclosed that the reasons to her emotional stress in the house is a result of Nohmi George.

Couple of days ago, an exceptional emotional event happened in the house where housemates had to let their feelings out and the reasons to why they had to react to the dramas over the past weeks. On that event, Julie Tombo explained that, she had to go harder on Nata because she unfortunately went the wrong way to attack her using her kids.

After this was settled, at some point there was peace between the housemates. When two dogs fight over a bone, if both are not ready to let go for the other, then fight has to go on and on. Fortunately for Julie Tombo, she has been chosen by George over Nata.

On diary room when Nata was asked how life in the house was going by Chief, she explained her experiences and pleaded to chief to have her couple with Nohmi George this week. Unfortunately for her, Nohmi George was chosen by Lolo and her dream was shattered for this week.

On a secluded meeting with the three wise women, Nata explained how she was the first to reach Nohmi and furthered that she was surprised how it all came out to Julie instead of her. “Nohmi George is the reason for my emotional stress” Nata declared. The three wise women, Nata, Alice and Pat Rose have been friends since possibly before the housemates show. The have been spotted in so many secluded corner having pocket meetings about fellow housemates.

Nata who was into Black Panther but chose Nohmi George explained that, she chose Nohmi George because they had had love conversation outside the house before Black Panther. She continued that she didn’t want to make Nohmi to find excuses that because he is messing around, she follows suit, that was why she didn’t move on with Black Panther.

After several signs of tear from Nata’s face, Alice and Pat Rose advised her to let go off her feelings as from the look of things, Nohmi George is no longer playing the game but as well fell in love with Julie. One way they advised her to ease her stress is trying out to read a book.

To comfort the depressed emotional, Chief in the diary room ordered Nohmi George to apologize to Nata and have her full time until said otherwise. George was also ordered to stop talking to Julie until chief approves it.

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The yagba still continues as Nata doesn’t want to let go. Is she really in love or is it all part of the Game Get Yagba thing? We are yet to find out but as it now, Nata isn’t ready to let go of Nohmi George, not just yet. We just hope there won’t any drama coming as all in the triangle have yellow cards that gives them a chance of leaving the house before the show ends if they point a toe before the line again.


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