Sierra Leonean Ladies Freaks Out Meeting Nigerian Actor, Ken Erics (Video)

Nigerian Based film Actor, Ken Eric’s visit to Sierra Leone was one of an adventure on it own as Sierra Leoneans welcomed and treated him like a demi-god.

His presence brought a lot of joy to many Sierra Leoneans especially the ladies most of whom were crushing on the well built and cute Nigerian actor.

Sierra Leonean Ladies were extremely excited and most of them couldn’t controlled themselves when they got to meet Ken in flesh for the first time.

Some of them were captured in a video crying out loud in excitement as they touched and glued in hug with the Nigerian actor, they could not believe that they were really hugging their favorite actor.

“Ohh my Goood, Ohh my Gooood, he is my favorite actor” one cried out.

The Nigerian Film Actor received love reactions everywhere as he tours the city, some rushed to take pictures with him, others showered him with praises and hugs.

He in return showed love as he opened his arms wide and gave each one a tight and warm embrace. He was warm with everyone and behaved so sweet to the ladies.

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