Zarlux Brand Ambassador Lolo Simeon, Kicks Off Ambassadorial Duty in Dubai

Housemates salone Season 3 ContestantLolo Simeon, has shared her enticement with fans about her trip to Dubai, wherein she stated that her trip to Dubai was not only about fun, but was also opportunity oriented.

The brand Ambassador of Zarlux Luxury car rental Lolo Simeon said her trip to Dubai was not just about fun but was also opportunity oriented. And also want to thank the CEO and partners of Zarlux Inc for believing in her as a talent. Also promises to put her utmost best to ensure growth and excellent result.

Lolo also disclosed that they had a meeting with the managing director of Ronika AWESOME, an event planning and communication company in Dubai. Adding that they look forward to partnering, “it’s the Sierra Leone – Dubai connection with Zarlux Inc” she states


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