Ramadan: 5 Major Things Sierra Leonean Muslims Should do When They Wake up to Eat Sokoli (Suhur)

Fasting is one of the most appreciated forms of Worship in the sight of Allah (God) and for this reason a Hadith from Abu Hurayrah [may Allah be pleased  with him] states that The Messenger of Allah Peace be upon him said:  Allah said that ”Every deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting; it is for Me  and I shall  reward for it.”

Sierra Leonean Muslims Should endeavor to do the following practices  when they wake up  to eat Sokoli (Suhur) during this Holy month of Ramadan

(1)The Messenger of Allah said Whoever gets up at night and says : O Allah, forgive me’ or makes du, a,( supplications) it will be accepted. If he performs wudu(ablution) and prays, his prayer will be accepted.

(2) Pray Tahajjud (Night prayer) salah even if it is just 2 rak,as.

(3)Seek forgiveness from Allah, inside and outside your salah.

(4)Make Du,a (supplications) sujud.

(5) Have suhur, (sokoli) even if it’s just a sip of water. Have at least 1 date.





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