3 Convincing Signs a Lady is Interested in You

Just as a guy may set his eyes on a lady and fall in love with her at first sight, there is the possibility of a lady having similar feelings towards a guy.

The unusual thing here is, it doesn’t appear appropriate if a lady decides to make the first approach the moment she has a crush on a guy she meets. Ladies have equal feelings as guys but tend to conceal them in order, not to appear cheap.

The truth is one major reason why some ladies do not go to the extreme of making it clear to a guy they are in love with in speech is because of how the guy might take it.

In rare situations, some girls tend to gather courage and let it out to guys they are interested in, without feeling intimidated or shy about what the guy may think of them.

However, if she happens to that type who will never succumb to expressing her feelings to a guy verbally, then below are signs she might give you to alert you to make the first move.

1. The first is unusual smiles. No lady constantly smiles at a guy she is not interested hence the moment you realize she is constantly giving you that smiley face for absolutely no reason, just know she is down for you.

2. One other subtle sign is getting in your way. A lady who is extremely in love with you will do everything within her power to get your attention and one of them is proximity.

Getting extremely closer to you is simply one-way ladies try to use when they want guys to approach them. In view of this fact, she may constantly be bumping into you or getting closer to you in person whenever she sees you around.

Be a man and approach if she does this constantly and consciously.

3. The third sign she might give you teases. The moment she gets to talk to you and realizes you are the type who finds it difficult to get the signs right, then she will start to tease you.

The major reason why she might do this is to strengthen the bond she wants you both to build to give you the opportunity to tell her you are interested so she can finally agree to your proposal.

Don’t be a coward when she offers you this opportunity because it might not come again.

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