What You Should Avoid Doing For Your Lover in The Name of Love

While you do your best to please your girlfriend, there are several things you must not do for her in the name of love.

Disrespect your parents.

No matter how much you love a woman, you should never make the mistake of disrespecting your parents because of her.

Before you knew her, you’ve always known your parents. They were there for you while you grew up. Without them, you won’t be what you are today.

If you disrespect your parents just to please her, you will be doing more harm to yourself.

No parent who gave his/her all in bringing up her ward will take it lightly with any who bring disrespect to them simply because of love.

Giving up on your dreams to satisfy her

There is no guarantee that your relationship would last long. It may end one day, and funny enough, she might even be the one to call it off.

If you give up on your dreams just to please her. What would be your fate when she eventually leaves?

While doing your best encouraging her to become better, invest in yourself also.

Fighting with another man because of her

The most foolish thing you can ever do for a girl you love is to fight another man because of her.

If she has any issues with anyone and she’s not matured enough to settle things by herself, be free to wade in but, don’t make the mistake of joining in the fight.

Ignoring the side talks.

Side talks could be rumours but, in every rumour, there’s an iota of truth. Look out for that truth so you don’t end up looking like a fool at the end especially if she pulls the plug.



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