The 23rd batch of the Chinese Medical Team at the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital was joined by local staff and well-wishers to celebrate the discharge of Joseph L. Turay, an 11-year-old boy that completed his treatment on Tuesday 9th August 2022.

The Chinese Medical Team Leader, Zhou Xi handed over medicines, food items, and cash as a token and a demonstration of love and sympathy to the poor boy, whose father, Pastor Turay, was full of praises for the Chinese and Local Staff that brought back his only child to life after he had gone into a coma for about four hours.

It could be recalled on Friday 5th August 2022 when the patient’s parents were found weeping in front of the hospital, calling for medical attention to save the 11-years-old boy.

With the timely intervention of the Chinese Medical Team, the boy was diagnosed with Acute Intracranial Hypertension accompanied by a Herniation of the Cerebral, which was put into consideration.

One of the Chinese Medical Team Members, Dr. Liu Meng reported that the boy lost consciousness for four hours, presented with deep-coma status, stiff lower extremities, not equal to bilateral pupil size, and slow to light reflection.

After noticing that it was very a critical situation, the team organized a squad to undertake the task of saving the life of the boy, which included a Paediatrics doctor (Dr. He Chao), an infectious disease physician (Dr. Xie Jingjing), a Laboratory physician (Dr. Zhan Xinjie), and an Examination Room physician (Dr. Liu Meng).

“The condition of the boy was critical, the vital signs of the boy were sabotaged, and his life was under great risk,” Dr Liu Meng observed.

Since the Examination Room lacked the necessary equipment to fulfil the clinical rescue, the optimal solution was to transfer the boy to a children’s hospital, the Team provided the required support and medical equipment to b bring the boy back to his normal life.

“Under the tailoring treatment, the boy recovered quickly. After a five days course, the boy turns into a talkative and smiling-shy figure who can walk and move as usual.

Today is the day when the boy was discharged from the hospital,” the Chinese Medical Team confirmed on Tuesday and added that they cherish all human lives irrespective of their nationalities, skin colour, race, religion, or tribe.

“We were moved by the innocent smile flashed again on the face of the boy that overvalued every devoting and struggling Medical Team Member together with some local staff that helped bring him back to life,” a Chinese Medical Team Member said and furthered that the rehabilitation of the boy underscores the friendship between Sierra Leone and China. “Life is beyond bound, and Fearless of hardship.

We are willing to dedicate our services to saving lives and helping the injured because we believe that great love has no boundaries, which is the motto of the China Medical Team,” they noted.

As relations between the two countries continue to grow ever closer, an increasing number of experts have arrived in Sierra Leone. The China Medical Teams sent to Sierra Leone not only serve a large number of local people but also improve the management level and the comprehensive treatment ability of the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital.

The present 23rd medical team consists of medic experts from different departments covering internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, pediatric traditional Chinese medicine, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, emergency, intensive care unit, anesthesiology, ultrasound, radiology, and laboratory, almost all of whom are veteran with over 10 years of medical service experience.