With his song “Want You” featuring Depo K, Mista SaloneBoy, who was born in Sierra Leone and raised in Ghana and the United Kingdom, is making history in the entertainment sector.

By continually challenging conventions and pushing the envelope, Musta SaloneBoy has infused his music with a distinctively cultural touch. Depo K, his cousin, adds a unique viewpoint to their music with his own soulful voice and rap rhymes that harmonize flawlessly with Mista SaloneBoy’s mellow tunes.

Their most recent single, “Want You,” has resonated with audiences all over the world. The gorgeous love song demonstrates their outstanding songwriting abilities and capacity for evoking emotion.

The song has achieved exceptional success thanks to its catchy beat and accessible lyrics, which have connected with listeners of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

This superb tune was produced by Truescribe and was mastered by Jocelinz. Go check it out!!!!!

Listen Below:-