Many guys have been left wondering what Sierra Leonean girls really want, what they can do to make these beautiful creatures notice them.

Well, the truth is that even girls may not really know what they want – they are complex and sometimes only know what they want when they see it.

There are however some things that the average lady may get turned on by.

Here are 9 of them:

  1. How you look – your general appearance can get her tuned into your channel. The problem here is that different women like different kinds of men. But the general rule is to look clean and dress neat… never unkempt.

  2. How you eat – women hate sloppy eaters that smack their lips like sick dogs when they eat. Eat like a king and she’ll notice you

  3. How you talk – women generally love funny guys and polished language. Noisy, empty joke makes don’t count

  4. How you address them and others – women like men with some amount of authority and yet calm and respectful. Don’t be a bully and don’t be an underdog, just tough and cool in the right mix

  5. How you smell – ever wondered why some men use expensive cologne? Well, your scent, natural and artificial, matter a lot

  6. How you look at her – believe it, women love attention. If she notices your glances, she’ll be affected. Now, don’t stare, just give her the regular bold and mature look once in a while

  7. How you spend – women are also moved by men who spend. They want you to buy them the world but also want you to spend with sense (the bad ones don’t care tho). They HATE cheapskates!

  8. How you treat people – women, being very emotional and soft, like kind men. So let her see you being nice to people, doing favours and helping the poor

  9. How you react to provocation – ah, women don’t want the beasts in us. Do you explode like a bomb when provoked? If yes, you’ll get noticed and then ignored…

There you go bros…

Go get noticed and loved!