In a historic event on April 8, 2024, Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) celebrated the inauguration of its groundbreaking 30 MTPA processing plant and heavy fuel oil power plant at its Tonkolili Mine site in Sierra Leone. This plant, capable of delivering 10 million tons per year, represents a significant advancement in optimizing ore into 66% iron concentrate.

LRMG, renowned for its vertical integration approach, has set a new industry standard. Salim Sillah, Chief Technical Officer of LRMG, highlighted the company’s growth trajectory, citing the recent launch of the $200 million 12 million tons processing plant and the current $500 million investment in the 30 million tons facility within two years. Describing LRMG as “ambassadors of change,” Sillah emphasized the company’s dedication to innovation and progress.

Collin Ding, President of LRMG, underscored the project’s importance for Sierra Leone, noting the creation of over 6,000 jobs thus far, with plans to expand to 15,000 by 2025 through this project. This substantial job creation aligns with President Bio’s ambitious goal of generating 500,000 jobs by 2028. The project promises significant benefits in terms of royalties, fiscal revenue, and overall development for the country.

Julius Mattai, Minister of Mines, praised LRMG’s contributions to Sierra Leone’s mining sector, highlighting their track record of integrity and success. The collaboration between LRMG and MML resulting in the export of $800 million worth of iron ore underscores the company’s positive impact on the national economy and its commitment to collaborating with other companies to enhance the mining industry.

In his statement, Sierra Leone Vice President, Dr. Alhaji Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh commended LRMG for its dedication and investments, recognizing its pivotal role in advancing Sierra Leone economically and socially. The project symbolizes a beacon of progress for the nation, with the government committed to supporting initiatives that drive prosperity and growth.

LRMG’s Tonkolili Iron Ore project emerges as a global player in the industry, positioning Sierra Leone prominently on the world stage. The project not only enhances the country’s economic outlook but also enriches its human capital, emphasizing the collaborative efforts that have enabled this transformational project.

As the local community, government officials, and stakeholders unite in celebrating this significant milestone, the inauguration of LRMG’s processing plant marks a momentous step towards a brighter future for Sierra Leone and its people.