Sierra Leone Government Staff, Others’ Allegedly Defrauds Dubai Based Investor of $300,000

A Sierra Leonean Government Staff of National Mineral Agency NMA and others’ have been alleged to conspire and defraud a Dubai Based Investor Company called SINCHI General Trading the sum of $300,000.

Chi Clement a Cameroonian Dubai-based investor representative, in March 2021, reported the matter to the Criminal Investigation Department of being duped of the said sum.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Native Consortium and Research Center Clement claimed that his company was duped with the assistance of an NMA Staff called Daniel Kapir Serry.


He added that the Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested Gibril Fofanah, Manager of Precise SL, Moses Osman Sesay the CEO of Precise SL LTD and Daniel Kapir Serry, and the NMA staff for Conspiring to defraud them a colossal amount of close to Four Hundred thousand United States Dollars.

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Chi Clement giving a presentation on the incident

Explaining, the duped Cameroonian Dubai-based investor, Chi Clement, said,” In the month of January
they were invited to Freetown by Fatmata Bumporo Sesay for a gold business.”

He said according to the Initial contracts, they were to just pay the government taxes and they were to process everything with the government. “The balance payment had to be done once goods were delivered to Dubai,” he said.

Dilating further on his financial transaction with this group of swindlers, he said for 15 kg of gold they paid $58,175 to Fatmata & her shipper-Gibril Fofana, Mohamed Fofana, and his shipper Mohamed Sumah. They also gave additionally gave $1,000 and $1,500 to Fatmata Bumporo Sesay.

“They later came in with some new argument that the government required inflow before the gold could leave the country,” he continued.

Clement said that what gave him the confidence to pay the money and do business with these swindlers was when Daniel Serry, a government staff, then currently working for the National Mineral Agency, confirmed that these men were indeed registered businessmen who have the government approval.

He added that after contacting Serry to cross-check and confirm the companies document to confirm whether they were authentic which he (Serry) in return confirmed gave them another confident booster.

Clement said Serry told him that he would personally monitor the transaction to ensure the gold buying process go on smoothly at the Government Gold and Diamond Office (GGDO).

“Having Serry as our “government eye in the transaction, Chi Clement said, we became confident to transfer this inflow of 129 000 USD. After we had paid in this amount, they brought other excuses that the inflow was incomplete.

We contacted Serry to ask him what the problem was since he had told us everything would be alright if we only pay 129 000 USD,

Chi Clement said, adding that Serry requested an additional 5000 USD to give to his NMA Director and the Mines Minister to facilitate the entire process.

“Daniel told us he has spoken with his director and the minister of mines and we needed to pay an extra 50.000 USD ($35 000 into Fatmata’s, $10,000 into M Fofana’s account, and $5,000 for the Minister of Mines himself). Which we did, air,” he continued.

He also added that Serry had confirmed that the gold documents had been cleared from GGDO and it could now be sent to Dubai by air cargo.

Gibril Fofana said brought the gold to Xpress logistics and Xpress logistics levied them to pay for the 15 kg gold $25,000mUSD (8,500 USD + $17,000 USD).

The gold he said was confirmed to have been sent from Freetown to Dubai via Xpress Logistics by hand carriage so they need to pay an additional $9000 USD for an East African certification and thereafter they got another shocker.

“We did send the money to their staff in Kenya called Mr. Sadukia Peter Norman. Later they said the documents were expired and needed to be renewed at the cost of $14 000 USD. We became suspicious, so we sent someone in Nairobi Airport to verify the presence of the goods, but there were goods to show,” he said.

Clement said the incident happened between 18 January 2021 to 14 March 2021. And they had made their situation known to CID on the 15 March of which statement was obtained on March 16, 2021.

CID Report

He added that their aim of going to the police was because they believed the bank account of Precise SL limited could greatly help them to recover their money and arrest Fatmata B Sesay, Daniel Serry, Gibril Fofana, Mohammed Fofana, Mohammed Sumah, Moses Ousman Sesay, Mrs. Lydia Kuma, and their cartel but that had not been the case.

“Unfortunately, we had the impression that CID was unwilling to make serious moves to arrest this criminal,” he lamented.

“CID sent the wrong information to FIU. CID didn’t do any telephone number tracking. CID couldn’t even arrest the NMA staff who was moving around Freetown freely ( I had to create a fake Facebook account to trap him and arrest him)”

“CID had no updates after 2 months into the investigation even after we had arrested the fraudsters’ agent in the airport (Carlos Oscar) and the housekeeper of those who rented them the offices.”

“From all indications, CID wasn’t doing anything to arrest criminals. Frustrated, I went to complain to AIG Brima Jah. AIG BJ got very angry after hearing my story; he called CID and requested that my file be brought to him immediately. He assigned a special unit (SIB) and Interpol to take over the investigation under his direct command.”

He added that it was only with the intervention of SIB that he started seeing results.

“SlB brought back much hope in the investigation as major steps were taken to track down these criminals.”

“With the help of SIB, we arrested the criminals who took the money from us (Gibril Fafona and Moses Osman Sesay. At the moment our case was transferred to ACC. The fraudsters have acknowledged the transaction” he said.

Serry the first person arrested was said to be found in possession of the iPhone 11 he had requested when the investors were traveling into the country.


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