Some health conditions humans experience are lifelong i.e. have no cure and as such, there is need to be watchful. If you care about your life, you need to always check your body to be sure that you are not suffering from something severe.

Though we all pray not to contract any viral disease like HIV, it doesn’t mean, we can’t actually contract it.

The good thing is that for every disease especially deadly ones like HIV/AIDS, the earlier you discover or go for a test, the higher your chances of recovering.

So in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the possible symptoms of HIV. Once you notice all these signs and symptoms at once, rush to the hospital for test and also to treat yourself.

1. Constant Fever; this is the first sign that a strange problem has entered your body. But if you start experiencing fever that is not caused by any common health problem like malaria or typhoid, then you need to go for HIV test. Though this might not be strong enough to send one to the hospital for such test, keep reading for more signs.

2. Swollen Lymph Nodes/Glands; lymph nodes get swollen in the armpit area, neck etc when a serious health problem has gotten into an individual’s body. Most times the earliest signs of HIV/AIDS is swelling of lymph nodes in the person’s neck and armpit. So immediately you notice this coupled with the above sign, then you need to start preparing yourself for the test.

3. Night Sweats; while experiencing the above things, if you also start experiencing constant episodes of profuse night Sweats, then you need to be seriously pay attention to your health, as there is every chance that a strange and serious sickness has come upon you. Once you start noticing all these, rush to the hospital for test.

HIV is not only sexually transmitted, you can also contract it when you share sharp objects with someone who’s suffering from HIV/AIDS. Thanks and be safe.