APC Party Stalwarts Reconcile Differences to Clench Constituency 073 Bye Elections in Koya Chiefdom

One only needed to be in attendance or be properly updated on what transpired in the City of Port Loko in order to endorse that it is indeed a mere figment of imagination for those who tend to entertain the perception that the All Peoples Congress [APC] Party is in irreparable disarray.

It can as well be unbelievable to the hearings of those who cultivated the belief that certain Party Members are so upset with certain occurrences within the Party Structure that there will never be any room for amends. Perhaps the unfading ability to bring back Members that had gone to join and even contested for other Political Parties is the most admirable tool this Party seems to bank on.

All of these attributes were openly demonstrated at an emergency meeting summoned by– Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay and conducted at the Party District Headquarters in Port Loko. The turnout was alarmingly massive with Party Stalwarts oozing from every corner of the District and the Country at large. Almost all those who have served in the capacities of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament, Ward Councillors together with the lots and lots of those aspiring for the different Positions under the All Peoples Congress [APC] Party were in attendance. Faces beamed with total excitement and surplus confidence for a mighty comeback into Governance when Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay took the podium in his capacity of the Port Loko District Member of the National Advisory Council of the All Peoples Congress [APC] Party to inform the mammoth Crowds about the purpose of the meeting with the traditional salutations – ‘Orsei, Orwei’.

Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay who had served as Member of Parliament for the then Constituency 049 and now 075, Member of the ECOWAS Parliament, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Minister of Works, and Special Adviser to President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, said he was seriously troubled by the unbearable constraints the Rank and File of the Party are currently undergoing irrespective of the fact that they have hardly derived the expected gains.

He also visualises how perturbing it is for them in observing that there are more widening gaps within the Party Structures for inconceivable reasons. ‘I know some of you are bitter and worried largely because of the apparent disunity within the Party especially when the 2023 General Elections are just a couple of months away. I am also aware of the fact that you can only be appeased when the truth is said and the right thing is done’ – Alhaji Kemoh Sesay opined.

He said the undeniable truth is that those that were in Leadership positions when the arty was in governance did not do well enough for the ordinary Members. He said that was the more reason he had actually gone to apologise to all and sundry.

The Port Loko District Member of the National Advisory Council said the All Peoples Congress Party is equally perturbed by the level of suffering the Country has been reduced adding that the APC Party is therefore poised to win over governance and redeem Sierra Leoneans from the current clutches of bondage. He however emphasized how that objective would only be achieved if Members choose to swallow their pride, accept their faults, apologise for their misdeeds and forgive each other.

The first thunderous applaud Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay received was when he called one Alhaji Bantha – a member of the All Peoples Congress Party with whom he was at loggerheads, to publically forgive and embraced him as a younger brother. The Former Member of Parliament and Special Adviser to President, received another ear-splitting applaud when he offered the sum of One Hundred Million Leone…

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