It Takes Only a Disciplined Leader to Change Sierra Leone -Palo Conteh

In an interview with Major Rtd. Palo Conteh in Peckham South East London on Thursday as we bumped into each other , he said he has declared for the All Peopls Congress (APC) leadership and it will only take a disciplined man like himself to change the face of Sierra Leone.

The retired military Officer and former Defence and internal Affairs Ministers said that since 2018 he has not travelled as his passport was with the government.

He applied for it a few days ago and was given so that he can come to London to sought out one or two things before heading back to Sierra Leone.

When asked why he is going back so early, Maj. Rtd Palo Conteh said he is not afraid of going back because he has done nothing wrong and he is ready to face the law whenever, because he is a law abiding citizen and more over he has declared his intention to contest in the APC presidential race.
I am going back home in a few days time. I have almost finished what I came to do and ready to take part in the party presidential election. I am preparing well for that. Today we all are experiencing total breakdown of law and order, and we have seen how indiscipline has overtaken the state institutions and the people. All this is caused by the leadership in the country that is not trusted and respected.”

He said he has worked as Defence and Internal Affairs th ministers, also he said when Ebola struck ex-President Koroma needed a disciplinarian to run the Ebola Institutions and he has to settle for him because he Knew What that with him at the helm the government will succeed.

This he said came to pass as he guided the country to a peaceful end of the Ebola to the happiness of the International Community that wanted him to go and work for the UN
“I turned down that Job appointment because I was passionate to serve my country, which I did until we lost 2018. I am now throwing my hat in the ring because I believe that I have what it takes to change Sierra Leone. The country needs a disciplined leader to bring a positive change as we need it badly in the country. Things have detiorated so badly that it will only need someone like me with proven skills to change the country and bring it back to it right footing.”



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  • Alex | 2022-08-14 13:58:32
    I like Palo Conteh, I wish him good luck.
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