Dr. Kaifala Marah Declares His vision of New Hope For Sierra Leone

As Sierra Leone’s fastly approaching its election in June 2023, different politicians from different political parties have made their intention known to vie for the position of flagbeareship within their party which will enable them to contest as presidential candidates in the General Elections.

Dr.Kaifala Marah is one individual who has officially declared his intention for the flag bearer position of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party.

In his official declaration, he disclosed his ‘Vision of New Hope for Sierra Leone’ if allowed to lead.

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He went further to outline how he intends to create job opportunities for the youths by making use of the white economy which he said will focus on improving the talents of youths.
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  • Sahid Mohamed Kamara | 2023-01-11 16:41:13
    Dr. Kaifala Marsh and Alimamy P Koroma are members of the Big six who were very instrumental in supporting Alfred Peter Conteh versus the old executive members of the APC. They were indeed financing Alfred to create the problems of the APC. Honestly these two men never voted for the APC; they were out of the country during the 2017 elections in Sierra Leone. How can these people come now to seek support from APC grassroot members for any APC position? Besides, these people have a signed agreement with Maada Bio.We the APC grassroot do not have any confidence in them anymore. They have plans to betray the people of the APC or Maada has a plan to petition any one of them if any of them is given the APC symbol for the flagbearer. We are sure we cannot make that high risky of choosing them for the APC flagbearer. We are very sorry, let Big six members look out for other positions. They are our brothers even though they are not HONEST with us and the country.
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