Video Evidence To Support Leaked Audio That Public Has Not Set Eyes On Purportedly Gazetted P.R. System Regulations

This morning, a 1:09 audio of the voice of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden replying to a member of the Office of the Government Spokesman inside a WhatsApp group of multiple parties politicians, was leaked out and went viral.

The audio had Dr. Blyden’s point that the Government had not yet made the P.R. System proposed Statutory Instruments to be available to the general public through the Government Bookshop as per lawful procedures established.

In reaction to the leaked audio, agents of the Government started to share purportedly printed gazetted documents at the bottom of which was marked the mandatory Legal Notice printed at the bottom of ALL LAWFULLY ISSUED gazetted documents and which asserts that the said gazetted document was now available for the general public to freely purchase from Government Bookshop.

It is only when the general public can access a gazetted document that it can be considered as being lawfully gazetted.

The Executive cannot gazette for Parliament alone and leave out the General Public from accessing the document – that is NOT gazetting!!!

So, at exactly 4pm, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden strolled on foot from her office at Garrison Street to the Government Bookshop at Wallace Johnson Street and interviewed the staff there on video.

The video interview proved 100% that the purported gazette has not yet been gazetted for the public perusal.

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Bottomline, this Government needs to stop treating Citizens with CONTEMPT and DISRESPECT. If the Government wants to lay materials in Parliament, they should first gazette it for the attention of the general public.



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