Political Thinker Cautions APC’s 21-Man Transition Interim Committee

All People’s Congress (APC) social media activist, Political Thinker has admonished the newly formed APC’s 21-Man Interim Committee as to the way forward of the party.

Political Thinker of the JUDK Media and Communications Unit gave this advise in his audio on Friday, shortly after the 21-Man Transition Interim Committee was announced.

The APC’s 21-Man Transition Interim Committee was formed following High Court Judge, Justice Adrian Fisher rulings and directives.

On April 28, 2022, Justice Adrian Fisher ruled that complainant Alfred Peter Conteh would select 9 members and one of these members would be chairman of the 21-Man Committee.

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Justice Fisher also ruled that the APC party, the defendant, should have 12 officials in the 21-Man Interim and the APC leader in Parliament Chernor Maju Bah aka Chericoco should select 8 of his APC parliamentary colleagues – 2 each from the West, Northwest, and Northeast and 1 MP from the Southern Province and 1 from the Eastern Province. Additionally, a seasoned lawyer with 30 years of experience, a member from the Youth Congress, one member from the Women’s Congress, and one member from the Diaspora should complete the APC 12-Man team.
The court rulings last month as directed by Justice Fisher were implemented on Friday to the letter by both parties of the APC in a united voice.

Political Thinker admonished: “I am sending this message to the 21-Man Committee to urge them to continue the unity of purpose and work assiduously towards the betterment of the party and Sierra Leone. This 21-Man Committee will take office for only three months to conduct lower-level elections for national executive positions. After that within the 90 days, they would hand over to the new executives that had been elected. I am putting it to them that let them know that the APC has got the New 2022 Constitution. And all clauses and sections are inside this new Constitution which entails anybody who wants to go for party positions with clear laws for what qualifies you or what does not qualify you. I want the 21-Man Interim Committee to go according to the New 2022 APC Party Constitution. Those who are qualified to stand will stand and those who are not qualified to contest will not stand in accordance with the new Constitution.

“There are those who are talking against Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, and some of these people have now realised that they are not qualified to contest in the next three months. These people are trying to persuade the 21-Man Committee that they should allow everyone who wants to vie for any position to do so. No, this will not happen. We are going according to the rulings from Justice Adrian Fisher. We are going according to the 2022 New Constitution that says ‘Anybody so far who wants to stand for any position should go according to the New Constitution. Anyone who wants to join or rejoin the party must have resolved the membership issue. They should only do that during the National Delegate Conference where we will elect the New National Officials, according to Fisher’s ruling. New members would not be allowed to stand for any position, the Fisher ruling noted. It will not be,” Political Thinker reminded those who want to bypass the New 2022 Constitution.


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