Sierra Leone Presidential Election Today 7th March

March 7, 2018 was the day for the last Presidential Election in Sierra Leone.

Today marks four years since last Presidential Election, which was held on its first rounds in 2018. This is clear to show that President Julius Maada Bio, who was elected in office almost four years ago, is expected to announce election date for the 2023 election calendar. The President has got less than 90 days to announce the date for the 2023 Presidential Election. Therefore, His Excellency is expected to announce election date before the end of May this year.

According to the 2012 Election Act, the President should announce elections date, one year before any general election. President Bio was declared President in April 2018, but his term of office started on the 12th May 2018. The actual term of office for any sitting President, according to the country’s 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, starts on the first day of the State Opening of Parliament on the 12th May 2018. The election date is expected to determine the electoral calendar of the National Electoral Commission.

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Therefore, President Bio’s term of office will officially end on the 12th May 2023, and for that reason, he is expected to announce the election date before May 23rd 2022. The 1991 Constitution is very clear on that.

According to the constitution, election should be held within 90 days according to the 1991 Constitution. It could be recalled that the 2018 Presidential Election was held on the 7th March 2018 and the second round was held on the 31st March 2018, and the results was running the country under announced on the 4th April 2018. The Times SL Newspaper reports that, at decree, as Parliament was in that very moment, President Bio dissolution at the time.

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