On Flagbearership Issue, Sam-Sumana to Break Silence

Supporters of the former Vice President Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana are still waiting for him to break his silence on whether he will be contesting for the 2023 Presidential flagbearer ticket of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party or drop out of the race all together, following the approval of the new APC Constitution.

The Sam-Sumana supporters raised this concern to this press at the National Headquarters of the APC, following the conclusion of the 3 days emergency delegates’ convention to adopt the party’s new constitution.

Last week, the former VP, Sam-Sumana issued out a public statement to show his appreciation to all members of the party who took part in the just concluded convention.

However, he failed to state whether or not he will continue with his proposed ambition to lead the APC in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

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Speaking to this press, a member of the campaign team of the former VP, Junior Tamba Roberts said they unanimously welcomed the approval of the new APC Constitution, which according to them, was done transparently and meant to unify the entire membership of the party.

He told this press that unlike what many members of the APC are saying about the fate of the former VP aspiration, they on the other hand are still waiting for him to give his final position on the issue since the new document was approved.

Tamba Robert also told this press that as of now, the former VP is still studying the articles and chapters of the new constitution, following him to come out with a public statement, after the 21 days period provided by law for the gazetted constitution.

Another supporter of the former Vice President, Fanta Sidibay also told this press that as of now they are in the dark as to whether or not Sam-Sumana will continue with his campaign trial.

However, she stated that the tight lips maintained by the former VP on the issue is making things obscure for them.

Meanwhile, many other supporters of the APC are also waiting on the former VP to make his decision as the party is planning to hold its internal lower-level elections which will be immediately followed by the flagbearer elections.


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