How Samura Kamara Signed Secret Document For Electronic Counting in Sierra Leone 2018 Elections

The 2018 Presidential Election was described by some election critics as a controversial one with subsequently put the APC candidate at the tail end of the race.

At the initial rounds, which was the first counting the APC Candidate was almost at a tie with the SLPP Candidate, named Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, but both candidates did not score the 55% threshold, a run-off was slated, and prior to it there were several closed-door meetings held at the candidates and give them assurances that the run-off would be fairly conducted and transparent to the benefit of the two candidates. Little did the APC Candidate realize that the effort would not be in his favour as a novice in politics, but showcased himself as if he understood the consequences of what would happen in the event that the system that was to be agreed upon will not be in his favour.

Documentary evidence clearly shows that key political strategists were involved to convince both Presidential candidates that the outcome would be politically pleasant and to their advantage. The former President of the Republic of Ghana that many believed was on a special election mission was present and after achieving the objective of his mission, left prematurely.

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Ex-President John Mahama of the Republic of Ghana did not waste any time to bid farewell to the Team of observers after accomplishing the task of getting the Presidential Candidates to agree and signed the secret document accepting the terms and conditions of the outcome of the run-off elections.

Further, Dr. Amos Sawyer was another key individual whose presence was vital in getting the Candidates to accept the condition they were sanctioned to. It would be recalled that Dr. Samura Kamara had denied earlier that he did not sign any document agreeing to election conditions that mortgaged his winning and his political party to the dictates of the drafters of the document described as secret. During the discussion that relates to the type of electoral counting of ballot papers favoured. It was in the opinion that most of the APC supporters and even non-party supporters of both political parties had supported manual counting to any other type inclusive of electronics.

According to Standard Times, it was a big shock to most of them when they learned that a document in favour of electronics counting of ballots had been signed by the APC Presidential Candidate. Some say he did not ask for advice prior to signing of the document, but others say that he was confident that with the huge number of political seats won by the APC, he sees it impossible not to win the Presidential and therefore signed without any hesitation or fear that he was not going to win. After the signing of the documents, there was jubilation in the SLPP camp that convinced its supporters and stalwarts that their candidate has won the election.

It was after the signing of what could be referred to as a secret document accepting electronics counting that many supporters of the APC and non APC members learnt that their candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara had signed the document authorizing electronics counting as against manual of the ballots.

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