Prominent Global Multimedia and Public Relation Firm based in Sierra Leone, Salone Messenger has ranked Sierraloaded as the number one Sierra Leonean blogging site to follow in 2022/23.

Sierraloaded is ranked number one ahead of Swit Salone, Football Sierra Leone, The African Dream, News Mogul, I Rep Salone, Sierra Network, Visit Sierra Leone and SL News Blog.

Over the years, Sierraloaded has been consistently unearthing and publishing Sierra Leonean stories to millions of users around the world. The site boasts of having over 3 million page viewers per month, making it the biggest Digital Media platform in Sierra Leone.

Sierraloaded has a team of young, creative and dedicated individuals that work tirelessly around the clock to bring readers accurate, balance, factual, educative and entertaining contents.

Recently, the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation Sierra Leone awarded Sierraloaded for its goodwill support to the community development initiatives of the organisation, which seeks to contribute meaningfully to humanity and societal development.

Check out Salone Messenger’s top ten Sierra Leonean blogging sites below:

1. Sierra Loaded

Sierraloaded is Sierra Leone’s leading digital media platform for the latest news, politics, music, entertainment, sports, videos and more.

This has been consistent as the number-one blog in Sierra Leone for the past one year and still going strong.

Congratulation Sierra Loaded for making the number one on our list and hope you keep getting stronger and innovate someday. It focuses on news, gossip, and another general discussion.

2. Swit Salone

SWITSALONE is Sierra Leone’s leading news, entertainment, fashion, sports, and cultural hub. We bridge the divide between audiences at home and in the diaspora and making sense of breaking international and local news. If it’s about Sierra Leone and it’s online, you’ll find it here first! With over 100,000 monthly visits, SwitSalone is Sierra Leone’s home on the internet. SwitSalone is owned by VR&C Marketing.

3. Football Sierra Leone

Football Sierra Leone, all you need to know about the game in Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonean footballers at home and abroad. Founded by Alie Ahmed Bittar in 2014, Bittar is one of the leading journalists from Sierra Leone with over 25 years of covering football.

The award-winning website also covers football from across the continent. We aim to continue pursuing up-to-date reports for our readers in Sierra Leone and across the globe.

FSL Media is always informative, accurate and consistent. Make Football Sierra Leone Your daily news feed.

4. The African Dream

The African Dream is an online platform that tells inspiring, positive and compelling stories from the continent of Africa. We are committed to telling the stories of change-makers in Africa and changing the distorting narrative of our continent.

5. News Mogul

News-Mogul is a distinct apolitical New Organization that aims at circulating verified and well-corroborated pieces of information across different social media platforms.

The organization targets to help create an environment in which quality information will always be available and affordable. In addition to the various publications we do, News-Mogul also does effective advertisement and other paid-for publications.

6. I rep Salone

I Rep Salone is a multi-award-winning promotional brand and well-known in the Sierra Leone community. Aside from promotions, we are also an advertising and braining company for all your online needs. We promote Sierra Leoneans in various capacities such as individuals in music, fashion, beauty, and many more. We use a different method to promote, advertise, and disseminate information to the right audience for your products and services.

7. Sierra Network

Summer 2011 saw the emergence of Sierra Network. A new independent media revolution that will pay homage to the best of times in Salone media landscape, while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. SIERRA NETWORK is the brainchild of media house veterans who share a refreshing and respectful love of news and entertainment. The result is a progressive, twenty-first-century news and entertainment. company that utilizes cutting-edge Internet strategies while establishing uncompromising principles. SIERRA NETWORK roster is broad and diverse, but with a focus as strong and unflinching as the SIERRA NETWORK Team.

8. Visit Sierra Leone

VSL Travel is more than just a comprehensive online guide for travelers to Sierra Leone. We are a local tour operator based in Freetown offering a complete range of travel-related services that create the best experience for our clients, whether they are traveling for business, leisure, or relocation.

10. SL News BLog

SL News Blog has been very active in sharing contents focusing on politics and national issues, whiles many will not agree with their views and opnions sometimes, they remain very consistent and commanding in the blogging space.