The globe has seen and continues to see a great deal. With so many problems, such mass murder, genocide, and other atrocities, the world is bleeding from pain and suffering. Hardcore hip-hop rapper CEO JohnNal addressed the seriousness of the bleeding the world endures at the hands of the evil in his rhymes on this topic.ย 

CEO Johnnal, is a well-known legendary hardcore rapper who uses the hip-hop genre to spread spectacular information to the general public.

He has a variety of styles to choose from when rapping to different rhythms because he has been in the industry for a long time. He released “Who breaks the Rule?” in 2022, and it became a smash success since it describes the Russo-Ukrainian issue. He was launched into the spotlight of music through a song.

He recently released “BLEEDING,” a phenomenal hit featuring NESPO SHARK. This song uses the Russo-Ukrainian crisis in Europe, the Israel-Palestine conflict in the Middle East, the massive destruction and civilian casualties in Sierra Leone in 2022, as well as how the Great Powers are using their power to bully the weaker forces, to illustrate the immorality of the world and, specifically, Sierra Leone. These are the issues that are causing the globe to BLEED.

Wth his hard core skills in rap and empathy for humanity amidst the happenings the people face, the celebrity this time expresses the mayhem the world suffers.

“I’m worried about the killing daily, I’m worried for the poor why am I living for?, I’m worried for the world Ukraine and Russia war. I’m worried for the Palestine…” snippet of the song lyrics.

This song is all what you need as a Sierra Leonean to reflect as we enjoy the goodies and challenges of 2023. Go stream and download the song, tell us your thoughts to the issues the superstar mentioned on the song.

Listen Below:-