The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSEE) has announced that Providence International Senior High School took the lead in the West African Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) 2023 results.

Remarkably, two students from the school also achieved stellar scores of 8 A1s each.

The Ministry highlighted, “Two candidates, Raymonda E. Mammah and Sahr Edward Fillie, both from Providence International Senior High School, emerged as top performers in the 2023 WASSCE results. While both attempted 9 subjects, they secured 8 A1s (excellent) and 1 B2 (very good) each, boasting an impressive average grade/unit of 1.11 (excellent). Notably, 16 of the top-performing candidates in 2023 surpassed the best average grade from 2022.”

The commendable achievements extend to the school level as well. “The most outstanding school, Providence International Senior High School, saw results from all 185 of its candidates released. Every one of them met the direct university undergraduate degree program requirements, demonstrating proficiency in a minimum of 5 subjects, including English Language and Mathematics,” the release stated.

Further insights revealed a growth in candidates meeting university entrance criteria: 137,245 in 2023, a leap from 108,418 in the previous year. Despite the advancements, the results still retained 34,525, potentially boosting the number of students meeting university prerequisites if released. The report, however, did highlight an area of concern, noting that “only 17% of candidates achieved a credit or better in the English Language.”

In terms of subject performance, 2023 saw an overall improvement compared to the prior year. The report mentioned, “There’s a noticeable uptick in student performance, especially in the A1 to C4 grade range for key subjects. The MBSSE is meticulously reviewing grade distributions and will liaise with WAEC for any necessary deliberations.”