In the age of streaming and digital media, Sierra Leone Music and tech enthusiasts’ lovers alike have a thrilling new addition to their entertainment lineup. It is a brand-new weekly video podcast called ‘K-Chats’ that combines the love for music with the exciting world of technology.

This video podcast is hosted by Fasuluku Bayoh popularly known as Koopx, a former rapper turned creative director with a degree in communication and visual art. This exciting new video podcast brings together a unique blend of music and tech expertise with captivating content. It is an engaging experience for viewers hungry for insightful musical critique, discovery of the latest Sierra Leonean tunes and acts in both the tech and music industry.

The host, Koopx, is a former rap artist who became popular from a song with Empress Pee called ‘Watch Me’. On this video podcast we see that he brings a unique perspective to the table, combining his firsthand experience in the music and creative industry. He carefully dissects the music, analyze the lyrics, and shares opinions with a healthy dose of wit and charm.

The transition from being a musician to becoming a video podcast host may seem like a leap, but it seems he has made it with finesse. As a creative director, he brings a distinct flair to the podcast, ensuring that each episode is a meticulously crafted piece of art. The fusion of his musical expertise, communication and visual story telling sensibility results in an experience that transcends conventional video podcasting. The podcast’s opening episodes where a review of Shadow Boxxer’s new album, Kracktwist latest single and YOK7 new album respectively.

New episodes are out every Friday at 8PM(GMT) on their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok pages which is @kchatsbg. It seems the podcast have already gained a loyal following through the power of its remarkable visuals. Viewers get an immersive experience, seeing the host’s reactions and facial expressions blended with captivating b-rolls which adds an extra layer of engagement and brings the podcast to life. Each episode follows a carefully crafted structure that keeps you hooked from start to finish. This podcast prides itself in offering valuable critique, constructive feedback and providing artists with insights that can help them grow and improve. It goes beyond partiality and mere sentimental opinions. One of the most exciting aspects of this video podcast is the focus on up-and-coming talents.

The host understands the importance of supporting fresh talent and provides a platform for these rising stars to shine. With each episode, he brings attention to promising musicians who are pushing boundaries and making waves in the industry. It’s a great opportunity for viewers to discover new sounds and support artists on their journey to success. In conclusion K-Chats is actually filling the gap of video podcasting in Sierra Leone. With its dynamic host, engaging format, and insightful content, it is evident that it will quickly become a significant player in the realm of music critique and tech reviews. Its ability to showcase both emerging talents and established artists, combined with the host’s unique perspective as a former musician, adds an invaluable dimension to the podcasting landscape. As we look to the future, it is clear that this podcast will be at the forefront of shaping how music critique and tech reviews is consumed and appreciated in the digital era in Sierra Leone.

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