The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, David Moinia Sengeh, recently took to Facebook to express his heartfelt admiration and appreciation for Benjamin Menelik George, one of Sierra Leone’s most highly acclaimed artist, widely recognized as Drizilik, for his remarkable contributions to the country’s entertainment industry.

“Very proud of this young man. He’s amazing in what he does”, he wrote.

His post came a few days after Drizilik was spotted at the BET red-carpet party and was also able to secure a ticket for the BET awards show.

The minister shared the artist’s post wishing his grandmother would have been alive to see what they prayed for come to reality, along with some photos from the BET red carpet party.

The minister expressed that Drizilik’s music deeply resonates with him on a personal level, as if it were tailor-made for him. The minister further pledged their commitment to supporting Drizilik’s journey towards becoming an exceptional superstar,

“Very proud of this young man. He’s amazing at what he does. His music speaks to me…it’s for me and I am invested in seeing him become an amazing superstar (so dat ar go dar heng biyen am na studio)”.