Finda Diana Konomanyi female politician has condemned the arrest of the leader of the Unity party Femi Claudius Cole.
Madam Diana said, the arrest of Femi is a clear intimidation of the opposition voices in a democratic state.

“That the government of Sierra Leone frequently uses the charge of incitement to stifle our democratic and peaceful calls for better governance is totally unacceptable and undemocratic”.

She went further to state that it’s the right of every citizen to demand for better governance and improved economic conditions, as demanding for such is not inciting.

Madam Diana said the way and manner the Sierra Leone Police is treating women especially those in politics is a total disregard for the high moral and ethical values of decent society.

“I join my Sierra Leoneans and women organizations in demanding for the release of Femi Claudius Cole and for the immediate discontinuation of the government of Sierra Leone’s assault on our democratic rights”.