Ambassador of Special Envoy for Investments and Entertainment, Kao Denero has set a deadline for the industry policy that will guide and protect Sierra Leonean entertainers.

After his appointment by the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Kao Denero first priority was to set up an industry policy that will guide and protect all the entertainers both in the music and movie sectors. The policy will bring all entertainers, investors and stakeholders together.

Its important we succeed in putting together a industry policy.
Rules and guidelines that will bind all entertainers, investors and stake holders included.
A nationwide correlation is in the works.
This has to be accomplished before the end of August.
Signed sealed and submitted.” – he wrote

Ambassador Kao Denero appointed a committee comprised of DJs, artistes, actors and stakeholders to draft a policy that will serve as guide to entertainers. The policy will also protect them and enable them to work together.

Koa Denero discussed about the policy during their first executive meeting. Since then, its yet to be ready from the committee. As the Ambassador, he wants the document to be signed, sealed and submitted before the end of August.