Hassanatu Julie Conteh commonly known as Julie Musa Tombo has shared her reason why she is participating in the upcoming Housemate Salone Season 3.

According to Julie, her intention to participate in the reality TV show is to use the platform to create awareness for women especially mothers on the way the society interpret them when they give birth to 2 or more children with different fathers. “I want to bring awareness to the society for us the women especially mothers”. Julie admitted that she has 6 children with different fathers, “I have 6 children with different fathers”. She continues saying that, people are looking down on her for having such number of children with different surnames. She stated the way the society looks at them when they fall into such. Julie said that, when women got married and it didn’t work out, the society gives them stigma.

However, the aspiring contestant advised people not to shame young ladies when they are pregnant or have children with different fathers. “I just want to bring awareness to the Africa community to tell them that, society should not shame any woman because her children have different fathers. Don’t shame any woman because she married and it didn’t last long. Don’t shame any young lady that got pregnant”. Julie blamed the society as the cause why ladies of nowadays are aborting their pregnancies. She advised them not to abort their pregnancies no matter the stigmatization.