Former and leading presidential aspirant of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC), Samura Kamara has been caught on camera spreading tribalism messages among APC supporters.

In a video shared on social media, Kamara was using tribal statements, saying that people are surviving now in Sierra Leone by tribes, alleging that Sierra Leoneans with certain names and from certain parts of the country are not eligible for jobs.

“In this country, we are living now by tribes. If you are Kamara you won’t get a job, if you are Bangura you won’t get a job, if you are APC supporter you won’t get a job, and if your are from Makeni you won’t get a job,” he said.

The former APC minister added that if a person is not from Kenema, Bo, Moyamba, Pujenhun, Kailahun, (which are strong hold of the ruling SLPP), and does not know how to speak mende that person will not get a job.

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