Musa Tarawally Breaks New Ground as TEES Garment Factory Employs 250 Workers

Musa Tarawally is more of a businessman than a politician and the opening of TEES, an ultra-modern garment factory on Wilkinson Road provides the reason and answer.

TEES when fully operational will employ 250 staff some of whom are already receiving training from 10 experts he brought in from India and Pakistan.

The factory will not only cater for the local Sierra Leone market but also do export to Africa, America, Asia and the EU. Whilst at the same time expecting to have contractual business from counties in the sub region too

TEES is equipped to do suits, dresses, shirts and African for all occasions, wedding inclusive.  There is another section within the factory that does printing of banners and name on caps, T shirts etc.

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Beyond this, TEES has the capability to handle and execute huge contracts like sewing of police, military, Prison, Fire Force and nurses’ uniforms. Some of the above costs the government huge sums to import and lining the pockets of Lebanese contractors most of whom have been found wanton a few times of supplying substandard product that would fade at the first wash. In reality TEES will make it a thing of the past.

The Exclusively Excellence Service as the name implies is what TEES is here to provide.


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