A unique and iconic tree species have been discovered around a small town in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

Growing at a highway by Potoru town, in Pujehun District, the rare species carries a straight bulgy trunk that divides into six with each carrying small branches of deep green palms at the top.

The tree is a one of it’s kind ever seen in the nation.

The spectacular design of the tree attracts pliers of that area. It is said to be receiving lots of admirers gazes in awe at its uniqueness.

The iconic tree is said to being used as a tourist spot lately, after residents had its trunk painted in the nation’s flag colors.

Many Sierra Leoneans including tourists have been reported to have visited that Area. Tourists have been seen taking a pause to admire the wonder of God’s creation and capturing the beautiful experience which they take with them.

See photo of the iconic tree below: