Three lawyers from the Chambers Pa. Momoh Fofanah led by Charles Abass Bangura Esq. have on Tuesday 31st March 2022, applied for a bench warrant before Magistrate Isata Tucker of Court No. 3 on Pademba Road, Freetown, to arrest a German Investor Edwin Huijzendveld for not appearing in Court to answer to his charges against him.

According to lawyer Charles Abass Bangura he told the Court the defendant Edwin Huijzendveld is charged with two counts of larceny contrary to Section 2 of the Larceny Act 1916, two counts of false pretense contrary of Section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act 1916 and a count of blackmail contrary to law.

According to the charge sheet on count 1, the defendant Edwin Huijzendveld entering drop box, properties of TANDEM LIBER HOLDINGS, a company registered and licensed in Sierra Leone.

Count 2 alleges that the defendant Edwin Huijzendveld on diverse dates between the 25th day of January 2020, and 25th January 2022, at the national Mineral Agency (NMA), and the tent to defraud has been holding himself out to members of the public as an officer/shareholder in TANDEM HOLDINGS which is known to be false.

According to count 3 the defendant on the same date in Freetown and out of Sierra Leone, with intent to defraud and without lawful authority did make use of stolen documents belonging to TANDEM LIMBER HOLDINS and exposing them to their prairies.

Count 4 state that the defendant on the same date at the National Mineral Agency (NMA), in Freetown, with intent to tarnishing and blackmailing the company, TANDEM LIBER HOLDINGS and Edward Meijhers, which is known to be false.

Count 5 state that the defendant Edwin Huikzendveld on the same date, on the company’s drop box stodl some of the original documents relating to the business and operations of TANDEM LIBER HOLDINGS and with intent to misuse and expose them to the public without lawful authority, which is known to be false.

According to the Independent Newspaper, the complainant lawyer Charles Abass Bangura Esq. Informed the Court that the has also scattered the information in certain country and Interpol is doing their work to arrest him.

In that night, Magistrate Isata Sallu Tucker granted the application made by C.A Bangura Esq. to arrest the defendant and brought him to Court. Matter adjourned to the 28th April 2022.