The Devil Hole Community People have written the Honorable Member of Parliament, Constituency 111, Hon. Horace Ekuyemi Vincent, requesting for him to finish the Devil Hole Community Market that was started and abandoned twelve months ago.

“Mr Hon sir, it’s over a year and half you launched the building of Devil Hole market , with a three months rapid construction and we are sad to say it over 12 month now since you stop the construction reason community people don’t know. As concerned youths we are advocating you finish what you started.

Prior to the relocation of the market to the community centre that give way for constructing the market you promised over 200 women were doing active business at the market square, the relocation of the market to the community centre has drastically reduced the number of women doing business, this is because the location is small to accommodate all the business people and the area is not conducive for a market. As we speak the standard and decency of the community centre is continually deplorable because of the market. People are now using it as a store, and this of course has made it unethical to hold community meetings and other functions. Generally, this has posed some economic challenges to people “its now two years since we were transferred to the community centre, we now having low sales compared to before, the people now go to Waterloo to buy their cooking items, as a single parent I have four children the market is the only source of my income” a market woman expressed dissatisfaction.

Mr Hon Sir, this is not a secret we the young people of constituency 111 are frustrated over your leadership. If this continues we have no option but to send a young person to represent us come 2023, through this we believe our problems will be solved and get better representation. Hon sir, as community people we need few clarifications. We are kindly asking you to answer the following questions.

* Will you continue the market project? If yes, when will you continue?
* If you will not continue any more, can community people seek support from other donors for completing the market project?
* Can you please call a community meeting to update us on the reason for stopping the market construction? As your silence for the past two years is causing misconceptions in the minds of community people.

Most importantly, the construction of your multi-powerful private hospital at TOMBO HIGHWAY which is not your constituency is not a secret anymore, as people in your constituency felt extremely disappointed. We all know your position as a member of parliament tagged with lot of controversies, we extremely happy with you because we were anticipating for a change but the changes we have seen is ironical to our expectations then.

Amb. Eric Scientis Koroma.
Youth Representative Devil Hole.”