Executive Director of the Native Consortium And Research Centre, Edmond Abu Jnr has reacted to President Julius Maada Bio’s Speech he made at his Alma Mater, American University’s School of Public Service in the United States.

“Trump & 18 other top Republican are facing criminal indictment over election interference in D state of Georgia in D last US general election. My heart jump into my mouth as I heard H.E Bio attacking D US (outgoing Ambassador) by extension D Biden Administration that their top diplomat asked him to stop ECSL Boss from calling the result. This is D height of double standard. President Bio has outsmart the occasion by exposing the US of weaponizing D MCC hot money.

This bravest stands by HE Bio has put D US in an uncomfortable position right at the US Soil. Papay u make kind ooh.

This remind me of D saying of D Greatest Civil right mentor Martin Luther King Jr. “You can’t stop the birds from flying over your head but U can stop the birds from building a nest on your head”. Ghana is saying no to US on same sex, Uganda has criminalize it. Kenyatta told Obama in his face in Nairobi that Kenya won’t accept same sex but we can still be friends. All of these are huge surprise to me!”