The girl friend of basketball player Momoh in the East of the Freetown municipality has recently visited the Kissy road cemetery, where she confessed to one of the cemetery workers about the death of her boyfriend, who was buried in the Kissy road cemetery about two weeks ago, in August 2021.

Awoko reports that the girl friend (name withheld) confessed that she had been in love with Momoh for some years now, but one day, Momoh invited her to his residence where they made love (sex) before she left.

However during their passionate lovemaking she was not aware about anything out of the ordinary. But a few weeks later she was shocked to see a video on social media, which showed her having sex with Momoh. She said by then she was out of the country, and when she returned she confronted Momoh about the video, but he denied. To buttress his presumed innocence, she said Momoh gave her the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Leones (Le250,000) to go to any Juju man to find out who shared the video.

Accordingly she said she travelled to Kabala where she consulted a Juju man to enquire who had shared the video. She said the Juju man told her that it was her boyfriend. She said she then ordered the Juju man to put a curse (sweh) on the person, and the Juju man did what he was ordered to do.

A few weeks later she learnt of the death of her boyfriend and soon realized that it must have been the result of the curse (sweh) placed on her boyfriend by the Juju man in Kabala.

So in a bid to make amends, she visited the Kissy road cemetery, where she asked one of the workers to direct her to the gravesite. In the short walk to the gravesite she related the whole story to the cemetery worker.

The cemetery worker told Awoko that she was shivering as they got closer to the grave where her boyfriend was buried. When finally she got there, she took out her mobile phone where the worker says he suspects the offending video was, and laid the phone on top of the grave, and she said … “darling I know you did this to me, but as from today I have forgiven you.”

A week ago according to the cemetery worker some other women visited the cemetery asking to be shown to the grave of the deceased boyfriend. The cemetery worker said he could not identify them, and so did not know if they were family or just gossipers.