Continuous rains in the Tombo Community has left the Tombo Park Market completely waterlogged.

A very busy Market that is always overcrowded with many traders and buyers is at a standstill.

Shops in the market have been filled with water, there is no clear path to go in and out as the whole area now looks like a river.

Foodstuffs and stalls have been washed away by the floods, a market woman said.

“We buy our markets in the evening so that we could sell them in the morning but when I came today I met all my foodstuffs being washed away.” She added.

According to her, no buyers are going in to purchase foodstuffs, and from the video only a handful of traders are seen stuck on top of their tables away from the water.

This may have caused huge loses for many of them as some of those foodstuffs like raw fish, crabs etc are easily spoilt when kept for the whole day.

The market woman said, their market gets waterlogged after heavy rains because the market is not well structured and that there are no gutters for the water to pass through.

She therefore called on the government to see how they are suffering from that and pleaded for assistance with a better market structure.

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