A non-governmental organization, Inter Aide Sierra Leone together with the EU and Australian Government have engaged farmers in Sella Limba Chiefdom, Karene District on sustainable development.

A training was held with farmers in the Northwest district.

A compost manure training (organic fertilizer) was facilitated by Osman Koroma.

Koroma said the training has helped farmers on how to use their local waste like banana stems, grasses and animal wastes as fertilizer.

Farmers were taught on how to transform waste to meaningful use.

The method involve the digging of a pit/wide hole of 8 metres length and 4 metres breath. The particles are dumped in the hole and mixed together with the soil.

After preparing the compost manure, they will leave it for about six months so that it will leave it for about six months so that it will decompose properly,” One of the Field Officers, James Momoh said.

He added that farmers will use the said manure as fertilizer to cultivate crops and other agricultural produce.

Momoh said the new method will discourage farmers from purchasing artificial manure which has a short span.