Police officers have apprehended Pessima James in a swift operation at Fallah Checkpoint, Bo Tiama Freetown Road, for carrying a locally made shotgun loaded with a single bullet concealed in a black plastic bag.

The arrest, made during a routine search on Tuesday, has highlighted the vigilance and effectiveness of the police force under the leadership of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Brima Kanneh.

The arrest occurred as officers, led by Detective Police Constable D/PC: 18286 Patrick Mohamed Ngobeh, were conducting a thorough search of vehicles passing through the checkpoint. James, a young farmer traveling from Tentihun to Bo, was halted after he failed to gain entry to Bo and subsequently knocked down by the head of the search team.

Investigations revealed that James had been using the unlicensed shotgun for hunting, a practice forbidden by law. AIG Kanneh commended the diligent work of the Fallah Checkpoint personnel and emphasized the importance of focusing on both private and commercial vehicles during searches.

Under AIG Kanneh’s leadership, the police force has taken a strong stance against serious and organized crime offenses, including drug dealings, and continues to prioritize the safety and security of the region. The search team, led by D/PC Ngobeh, assured AIG Kanneh of their unwavering vigilance and professionalism in executing their duties, ensuring that the region remains safe from potential threats.