The identity of a young military officer involved in the shooting of former local musician, Foday Alieu, known popularly as “Big Fish,” in Freetown last Thursday has come to light.

Previously, Sierraloaded reported about the tragic event in Freetown that led to the death of the well-known musician, leaving another person wounded.

ACP Brima Sandi, the Media Head for the Sierra Leone Police Force, detailed that during the incident, a female police officer was on duty at the United Bank of Africa (UBA). Big Fish entered the bank grounds, overpowered the officer, seizing her gun, and then began firing indiscriminately, with five shots being fired into an open space.

Upon being challenged by the aforementioned military officer, Big Fish shot at him. Fortunately, due to his bulletproof gear, the officer remained unharmed. He had no choice but to retaliate, resulting in Big Fish’s death.

The late Alieu was buried at the Kingtom Cemetery last Sunday.

The entire incident, especially Big Fish’s death, has sparked varied reactions among Sierra Leoneans. While some are puzzled about how an unarmed civilian could overpower a police officer, others commend the bravery of the military officer who responded. However, there’s also a portion who criticizes the deadly response. Sierra Eye’s article sheds light on some underlying issues surrounding the event.

Since the disclosure of the military officer’s photograph, many online users have lauded him, recognizing his actions as being in the country’s best interest.