In response to discussions and speculations surrounding the tragic death of hip-hop artist Foday Allieu, known as ‘Big Fish,’ the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has categorically denied having any personal properties of the deceased in their custody.

ACP Brima Kamara, the spokesperson for the SLP, addressed the issue in a recent statement, putting an end to the swirling rumors.

The incident, in which ‘Big Fish’ was fatally shot by a military officer, raised questions about the alleged confiscation of his properties by the police. ACP Kamara clarified that these allegations were baseless and unfounded. However, he welcomed the family of the late artist to seek clarification through civil and respectful channels if they had any concerns.

The events leading up to the tragedy were recounted by ACP Kamara. It was reported that on the day of the incident, ‘Big Fish’ had gone to the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters to demand the return of his belongings. In a moment of frustration, he allegedly forcefully snatched a rifle from a female OSD officer and began firing indiscriminately.

‘Big Fish’ had come under the police’s radar for various incidents in the past, including an incident at the Law Court where he brandished a cutlass in public, as well as other incidents involving land disputes and public disturbances.

ACP Kamara emphasized that it is not the public’s role to determine who should carry a rifle as security personnel. The decision to carry a weapon depends on the specific assignment, and weapon training is provided to all OSD officers. It is a discretionary matter.

Regarding the incident on September 21st, ACP Kamara mentioned that the investigation was ongoing, and its findings would guide the SLP’s actions in the future.

The military officer involved in the incident was commended by the police for acting within the bounds of the law and following the Rules of Engagement. ‘Big Fish’ had fired at the police officer, who was fortunately protected by a bulletproof jacket. Had it not been for this protective gear, the consequences could have been even more tragic.

The Sierra Leone Police assured the public that they had handled the situation professionally to safeguard public safety. They also confirmed that the situation had been brought under control, and normalcy had been restored. Further details would be provided as the investigation progressed.

As the investigation continues, Foday Allieu, the hip-hop artist known as ‘Big Fish,’ was laid to rest by his family and friends in Freetown.