Honorable Abdul Kargbo, an ex-Member of Parliament for Constituency 077 and a leading figure in the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party (APC), has raised concerns about the damage mining companies have caused to roads in the Port Loko district.

He voiced his concerns on Twitter, highlighting the deteriorating condition of the Freetown-Portloko road, which he alleges has been damaged by mining companies active in the region.

Kargbo emphasized that these companies have avoided the responsibility of fixing the roads. Instead, they simply put up a “Slow Down” sign, while the deterioration continues daily. He believes that some individuals remain silent on this issue due to personal interests.

โ€œThe road to Portloko city has been seriously damaged by heavy duty trucks belonging to mining companies. They cannot rehabilitate the road. Instead, they placed a slowdown tag whilst the damage keeps extending. Somebody kept quiet because of personal benefits.” He wrote.